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Skull Baseball Caps

In this section, we want to present you the best caps, berets and skull hats for women and men, which have been placed as the most sold in recent years, from baseball to the most elegant, but also those that will definitely mark a trend in the fashion of your urban tribe.

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Why Buy Skull Caps?

The most important reason we could give you to answer this question is that buying a skull cap gives you benefits not only in the product itself as the quality with which it is manufactured but also empowers you as a person, gives you personality, raises your self-esteem and distinguishes you as a true urban tribe to which you belong.

Buying original skull caps is also important because you are helping to prevent piracy, plus the price of an original cap to an unofficial cap is sometimes not as significant. In this online store of skull caps, you can find cheap caps with very good discounts and recognized brands, as well as for different sports, colors, and types.

Once again we welcome you to this website specializing in skull caps, enjoy all the skull caps that you will find here, and complement your life according to your personality.

And of course, do not hesitate to contact us for any information or questions you may have, we will be happy to answer them.

Types of skull caps

Do you know all the models of hats that exist today? If you are a true lover of this accessory for sure your answer is yes. There is an infinite number of styles of skull caps that have diverse origins.

Snapback caps

One of the most popular models in urban, relaxed, and youth fashion with a strong presence in recent years, it is erroneously believed that they are a gangster or rap star hats only, however, flat hats have shown that they can break the barrier of any trend as they are cataloged as the favorites of many.

The snapback type has a great similarity with the flat caps because of its rigid visor and little flexibility compared to other models, however, these caps are different because they have an adjustable clasp either plastic or velcro, making them very comfortable, cool and you do not have to worry about the size. In recent years they have been part of the catalog of many brands recognized by the great demand they have had in addition to having the practical attribute of being adjustable.

They are made of comfortable materials such as cotton, polyester, natural wool, gabardine, and some flannel.

The snapback cap has been a style that was born in the early ’90s and over the years has emerged designs that suit different tastes of the market.

Baseball caps

Skull Baseball CapsPerhaps one of the most recognized models within this article of clothing has a basic design of closed cap with flat visor, and round body adjustable to the head, are made by various materials ranging from cotton, natural wool, polyester, elastane compositions, polyamide, cotton breathable and have eyelets for good ventilation.

Why are they so popular? With the arrival of Baseball in the late nineteenth century in the United States, provided better visibility of fastballs and from any angle without being affected by the rays, reflectors, and lights in the stadiums. Today it is very common to see them associated with fanaticism not only by baseball teams, as it has spread to other sports. It has become practically an affordable accessory in a daily fashion, can be used by all types of gender: women, men, and children.

Trucker caps

Skull Trucker CapsThe so-called Trucker’s Hats are not exclusively for this profession or as many know them, from the farming sector, their design is composed by being of the high cup and with a grid or mesh made of soft plastic or polyethylene located in the middle towards the back to offer airflow to the head.

Their popularity is due to the history behind them, to this day they have helped protect them from the sun for thousands of miles by providing ventilation through their rear grid, this is why the name Trucker Caps.

It was a style adopted by American truckers for the inclemencies of long trips, its use is more oriented to young men, and also preferential use for their comfort in the summer season, also known as Trucker Caps.

It is a design derived from baseball caps that took its own name, no matter the style whether urban, cowboy, or casual, you will surely like to wear them for their style, freshness, and sun protection. Finally, it is a type of closed cap that can be easily customized with skulls.

Flat and Ascot caps

Skull Flat CapsIt is a type of cap closed at the back that can be made of leather and mainly wool yarn, it has a classic bulging look with a rigid flat and elongated cut visor, it does not offer much space for the volume of the head and only rests slightly on it. It has its origin in the use given to it by children in the United States at the beginning of the 20th century, with a notorious influence of Irish immigrants. Others say that its origin arises because they were used in the movie of the same name “Gatsby”. Therefore, it is a type of cap with a retro character and can be worn by men, women, and children.

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