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Skull Makeup

If you are having a costume party or planning to dress up as a skull on Halloween, skull makeup will be the perfect complement to complete your costume.

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Why buy skull makeup

Certainly, the skulls are differentiating elements, and give you a look that departs completely from conservatism, betting on a subversive and rebellious aspect. Legendary groups like the KISS were admired by other musicians and thousands of fans, not only for their music but for their image and attitude.

The truth is that their aesthetics were truly groundbreaking: they always wore black, used skull makeup and, of course, their famous logo was a skull. This punk band has influenced the best rock and metal bands, such as Metallica, who have made several mythical versions of the Misfits. In fact, Metallica’s failed bass player wore a T-shirt with the Misfits’ skull in most of his public appearances, since he was a true fan of the band.

Skull makeup can become a recurrent element for many moments when you want to gain in attitude and style. So, why wait for Halloween if you want to be different from the rest of the people?

Easy Skull Makeup Tutorial for Halloween

I’m sure that when it comes to choosing makeup for your Halloween costume you will look for one that allows you to be someone terrifying. We suggest one that you will certainly get right. Do you want to learn everything about the Halloween Skull Makeup: easy and quick to do?

Halloween skull makeup is one of the best and simplest of all those that can be done in a celebration like Halloween. With this makeup, you will hardly need to dress up. In fact, if you put on a black cape or dress all in black, they will soon know who you are.

The Halloween skull makeup consists of two colors: black and white and if you apply them correctly and as explained below, you can look really spectacular and also a quick and easy way to do.

Here I leave a video of how to create a makeup look like a professional in an easy way and with a few of our products.

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