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Skull Rings

Finding a skull ring in a regular store is very difficult. We have selected the best rings from, well, you know, skulls. We assure you that here you will find all the original designs that exist, with the most transgressive styles of national and international artists and, what is even better, at the best price.

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Why buy rings with skulls?

Skull rings give you a powerful look. Their designs are very modern with a wild look that emanates the great expressiveness that we are able to transmit. These rings with the skulls reflect the unique style that accompanies you wherever you go, transmits that freedom for which both presume as well as the great uniqueness of the models chosen especially for you.

So choose that ring you’ve always wanted to wear or the one you’re willing to give to that person you love so much. It’s a great gift for your special friend, and it will always remind you of the great friendship that unites you. Every time you see it on your finger you will remember the good and fun moments shared.

Gothic, punk, vintage, stainless steel, silver, gold plated… it doesn’t matter which model you are looking for because you will find it in our great online store of skull rings. Discover how easy it is to buy a skull ring in

Do you want to know the meaning of wearing Skull Rings?

No matter how simple a look is if you add one or better a couple of rings of this style you will get a more rock, punk, or cool image depending on your personality.

But did you know that rings have different meanings depending on the finger they are put on? Funny, isn’t it?

We all wear jewelry in an arbitrary way without really knowing what it means to wear it on one finger or the other, but a ring does not mean the same thing on a thumb as on a little finger.

Wearing the skull ring on the ring finger

In the right hand, it is a matter of perfectionists, in the left hand, creative and resolute people.

Wearing the skull ring on your pinkie finger

For sensitive people, who know how to talk and also how to listen. It is a very original and different way of wearing a small ring and with a somewhat cool or alternative feel. A very good idea for a Skull Ring.

Wearing the skull ring on your thumb

They are people who love love and pleasure, as well as being very passionate. In any case, wearing it on the thumb is more than original. For the most daring and for all those who want to distinguish themselves from the rest.

Wearing the skull ring on the middle finger

If you carry it in your right hand it means that you are somewhat insecure and need the opinion of others. In the left hand, on the contrary, you are a leader. Without a doubt, in the left hand, you are the best choice.

Wearing the skull ring on your index finger

Very confident people are the ones who wear the skull rings on their index finger. Also on the right hand, they mean that you are a bit dominant. If you hold up your right hand, with a blunt skull on your index finger, you’re sure to attract attention.

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