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We show you this catalog of the best motorcycle helmets, ski caps, skateboard helmets, and all types of skull caps, so you only have to choose which will be the ideal skull helmet.

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Is it possible that it has ever happened to you that you have made a purchase online and it turns out that you have felt cheated because it was not just what you thought? We know how annoying that can be and that’s precisely why we want you to be able to buy the best skull cap at the best price. I must say that I think it would be strange if there were any biker who has not been tempted to ask for a skull motorcycle helmet. As you probably know, on the motorcycle, our protection is more important than ever. Whether it’s safety features or supplements to enhance our riding experience. We’ve stopped eating the jar, and here we show you this compilation, hand-checked so you only have to choose which one will be your skull motorcycle helmet.

How to choose the best skull motorcycle helmet?

We want to help you get the best helmet for you. We have researched which are the best on the market and their pros and cons so that you simply have to choose the one that suits you best.

Just as there are many different motorcycles, there are also helmets. It is important to know what you are going to use it for or what kind of main use you want to give it.


There’s no point in having the safest skull cap in the world if it doesn’t fit your head properly. In the event of an accident, it is very common for the helmet to fly off, so we would no longer have any protection. And this happens mainly because of problems with the fit. The helmet should always feel like it’s putting a little pressure on your head. Especially when you buy it, it ends up giving way and taking up some slack. That’s why if you’re in between sizes you take the smaller one.


This is an optional point since we can get it with other things, like the color of the bike or a jacket with reflectors. But if you have a totally black bike and your equipment also tends to be black, it could be interesting to choose a helmet that has some kind of more striking decoration to improve your visibility.


When we talk about ventilation we mean the different air inlets and outlets that a skull helmet can have. Not only to avoid frying us in summer or freezing us in winter but also to help prevent the formation of mist while we are on the road.


There are several types of closure, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The most basic is the “Click” type, similar to a car seat belt. It is increasingly in disuse since it is neither the easiest to fasten nor the safest.

Then we have the micrometric closure, this is the most widespread currently because you can graduate the pressure with which you want to close in addition to being quite easy to close.

And finally, we have the double D, this is the safest and the one used in high-end helmets. However, it is the most complicated to tie and we will certainly not be able to do it with our gloves on.


Of course, and although it sounds obvious, the type of use is essential to make the decision. It is not the same a helmet that you will use in the circuit, which will have a much more angular and aerodynamic shape, as an off-road helmet that will be less aerodynamic with a more accentuated chinrest and generally more adapted to that use.

Buying the best motorcycle helmet you can afford is always a difficult job. There are so many variables involved that there is no such thing as “one helmet to rule them all”. Different riders have different demands, and one size certainly doesn’t fit all. The main reason for HJC’s popularity is the high quality and reasonably priced helmets that HJC has offered for many decades. These are the best full-face motorcycle helmets that focus more on durability and strength to better resist the increased abuse that can be caused by off-road riding. Riding style designates the overall level of protection needed, and there are cases where a rider cannot escape with a helmet alone. Bell Qualifier Full-Face Motorcycle Helmet is a decent choice for those on a limited budget. It’s also more comfortable and more breathable in a warmer climate. The best motorcycle half helmet should be well constructed and have a solid shell to give you the best possible protection while enjoying the wind in your face. Therefore, the discussed Bluetooth motorcycle helmets work excellently to provide you with protection along with excellent communication capabilities. The overall shell has been designed to increase performance at high speeds and to optimize airflow and improve ventilation.

To make sure it fits and protects you and gives you the comfort you need at all times, you must determine whether it is comfortable or not. Since your helmet is protecting your head, you don’t want to buy the cheapest one. While this helmet is DOT certified and exceeds safety requirements, it is not available in a variety of sizes. Loaded with features and extras, Vega helmets for men and women will leave you with your mouth open with surprise. The internal tinted visor does not completely cut through the excess light, as it is a little too short, making a tinted face shield a popular upgrade.

The perfect motorcycle skull helmet for a longer ride is the one that fits you best, feels light on your head and provides great protection against impacts and parts. Most riders opt for an incredible full-face helmet for long rides, as these helmets offer the most comfort and excellent normal protection. The main reason any motorcyclist should wear a helmet is for their own personal safety. Therefore, safety is one of the main factors that must always be considered.

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