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Skull Stickers

You want to tune your car or your bike with skull stickers but you don’t have the money to make too many changes. Then look for some cool stickers, you can even find them in 3D. If you want something else without going over budget, a steering wheel cover will give a different look to your car or with skull stickers.

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In addition to stickers, we also have skull stickers to decorate your house.

Another of the most fashionable alternatives to fill spaces at home when there is no money for paintings, furniture, etc.

If you want to put a vinyl successfully: first clean the entire surface with a dry cloth, then gradually stick the vinyl especially if it is large, you can put the tape in the center of the vinyl to make it easier to place.

Skull Stickers for small objects

Press with a cloth or a spatula so you don’t get bubbles. Remember that the surface has to be and stay smooth. If you do it on freshly painted walls, they have to do it at least two weeks after they have been painted.

For folders, motorcycle helmets, notebooks, to decorate letters and envelopes, glasses, bottles, etc. personalize and give a cool, rock, punk, gothic, etc. touch to your personal belongings with these stickers as modern as a classic.

What kind of Skull Stickers can I find?

Well, there are stickers for all tastes and ages: something sinister with a gas mask; for card lovers, a drawing of cards; for girls, skulls with pink ribbons in the purest “Hello Kitty” style; for fans of Joker with his characteristic bell hat; for followers of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, the buccaneer skull. The possibilities are endless.

Decorative skull types of vinyl are an easy, economical, and stylish alternative to decorate your home. There are thousands of Skull Stickers, in this article we are going to focus on how to decorate with stickers with images of skulls. We teach you up to 5 ideas to decorate very effectively with decorating vinyl.

How to decorate with skull stickers

For a maxi collage, you can put a lot of vinyl with skulls forming a kind of collage. If you have an empty wall that you want to decorate, it’s a great idea to decorate a big wall for little money and with style.

A great skull vinyl, you can opt for a single vinyl. A tip: choose among the hundreds of vinyl skulls, a very special, keep in mind that will be the protagonist of your wall.

In horizontal or vertical, another very simple and cool way to decorate your room.

Being part of a story, you can include your vinyl inside a wall with other cool vinyl skulls that make up a story. A very original idea that not everyone can come up with.

In objects and furniture, there is also other vinyl with images of “mini” skulls to put on objects, furniture, etc. For the most discreet or the most coquettish. On doors, cabinets, pots, etc.

First of all: you have to have the surface where you are going to stick your vinyl dry and clean. Remember that you can only put them on smooth surfaces. If you have just painted the wall, wait two weeks to put your vinyl.

Then what you have to do is place the vinyl with the protector, attaching it to the wall with masking tape at the corners, leveling with a meter or a level, after you have it well leveled, put the tape in the middle and remove the tape from the corners, removing the white protector to your vinyl little by little, so that it fixes well help yourself with a spatula.

If while you put it you get any air bubble, you can remove it by puncturing it with a pin and rubbing with a cloth to remove air.

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